WFCD - Foundations and Applications of Component-based Design 2009

October 11th, 2009      Grenoble, France, within ESWeek 2009 organised and funded by ARTIST 

Programme & Slides

Conclusions from the Workshop

WFCD 2009 was a very successful edition. It gathered 39 participants from Europe, the USA and Asia.

We had a very prestigious panel of speakers, including Janos Sztipanovits (Vanderbilt University), Manfred Broy (TU Munich), Edward Lee (UC Berkeley), Bengt Jonsson (Uppsala University), as well as team leaders from the COMBEST project. Discussions were of an exceptional quality, and tackled difficult questions on the Foundations of Component-based Design including: robustness of designs, interface theory, and theory for correct-by-construction design.

This meeting was also an opportunity to reinforce cooperation links with leading partners in the USA involved in the COMBEST International Collaboration effort. The participants decided unanimously to renew this event next year at ES Week in Phoenix, Arizona.

Invited Speakers

Name Lecture Title
Prof. Manfred Broy
TU München
Mandatory Properties of Component Concepts

abstract   -   slides
Prof. Tom Henzinger
IST Austria
Modeling, Analysis, and Synthesis for Quantitative System Requirements

abstract   -   slides
Prof. Lothar Thiele
ETH Zurich
Combining State-Based and Analytic Component Models

abstract   -   slides
Prof. Joseph Sifakis
Verimag Laboratory
Correct-by-construction Distributed Implementations for BIP

abstract   -   slides
Prof. Janos Sztipanovits
Vanderbilt University
Composition in Heterogeneous Systems

abstract   -   slides
Prof. Albert Benveniste
Contract Based System Design with Symbolic Synchronous Modal Specifications

abstract   -   slides
Prof. Edward A. Lee
UC Berkeley
Ensuring Correct Composition of Components using Lattice-based Ontologies

abstract   -   slides
Prof. Kim Larsen
Aalborg University
Playing Games with Timed Interfaces

abstract   -   slides
Prof. Bengt Jonsson
Uppsala University
Generating Interface Models from Test Data

abstract   -   slides
Prof. Rolf Ernst
TU Braunschweig
Composition of Interval and Probabilistic Timing Models

abstract   -   slides

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