July 14th, 2007       Auckland, New Zealand sponsored by Artist organised with Artist partners 


Invited talk :Robert France, Colorado State University, USA Realizing the Model Driven Engineering Vision
Abstract: The term Model Driven Engineering (MDE) is typically used to describe software development approaches in which abstract models of software systems are created and systematically transformed to concrete implementations. In this talk I will discuss some of the major challenges that must be tackled in order to realize the MDE vision of software development. I argue that full realizations of the MDE vision may not be possible because of the wicked problems involved, but close approximations of the vision are possible and can provide technologies that significantly reduce the accidental complexities associated with current labor-intensive development approaches.
M. Faugere, T. Bourdeau, R. de Simone, S. Gerard MARTE: Also an UML Profile for AADL applications
Peter H. Feiler, Dio DeNiz, Chris Raistrick Kennedy-Carter, Bruce Lewis From PIMs to PSMs
Bedin Franca Ricardo, Jean-Paul Bodeveix , David Chemouil, Mamoun Filali, Dave Thomas, Jean-François Rolland The AADL behaviour annex experiments and roadmap
Philippe Cuenot, DeJiu Chen, Sebastien Gerard, Henrik Lonn, Mark-Oliver Reiser, David Servat, Ramin Tavakoli Kolagari, Carl-Johan Sjostedt, Martin Torngren, Matthias Weber Managing Complexity of Automotive Electronics Using the EAST-ADL
Didier Delanote Using AADL in Model Driven Development
Isabelle Perseil A Co-modeling Methodology for the Integration of Real-time Architecture Models
DISCUSSION— topic to be determined—UML&AADL’2008 preparation

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