June 2nd, 2009       Potsdam, Germany sponsored by Artist organised with Artist partners 

Programme and Slides

09:00-10:20 Conference Opening: Keynote speaker Prof.Dr.Bernhard Steffen

10:20-10:40 Coffee Break
  • 10:40 Introduction (slides) Isabelle Perseil - Telecom-ParisTech (France)
  • 10:50 Keynote Speaker (slides) Oleg Sokolsky (University of Pennsylvania, USA)

Session 1 : Verification

  • 11:20 "Verification of Replication Architectures in AADL" (slides)
    Dionisio de Niz and Peter H. Feiler
  • 11:40 "UML Modeling and Formal Verification of control/data driven Embedded" (slides)
    Fateh Boutekkouk and Mohamed Benmohammed

12:00-13:30 LUNCH

Session 2 : Execution, Implementation, Simulation

  • 13:30 "Modeling the Implementation of State-Based System Architectures" (slides)
    Peter H.Feiler
  • 13:50 "Executing AADL models with UML/Marte" (slides)
    Frédéric Mallet, Charles André, Julien DeAntoni
  • 14:10 "Automating the generation of platform specific models" (slides)
    W. El Hajj Chehade, A. Radermacher, A. Cuccuru, S. Gérard and F. Terrier
  • 14:40 "AADL Simulation and Performance Analysis in SystemC" (slides)
    Roberto Varona-Gomez, Eugenio Villar

15:10-15:30 Coffee Break

Session 3: Comparisons

  • 15:30 "A comparative study of FIACRE and TASM to define AADL real time
    concepts" (slides) Lei Pi, Zhibin Yang, J-P Bodeveix, M.Filali, Kai Hu, Dianfu Ma
  • 15:50 "Common Pitfalls of Using QVT Relations - Graphical Debugging as Remedy" (slides)
    Angelika Kusel, Wieland Swinger, Manuel Wimmer, Werner Retschitzegger
  • 16:10 "Visual Comparison of Graphical Models" (slides)
    Arne Schipper, Hauke-Fuhrmann, Reinhard von Hanxleden

Session 4 : Model-based Methodologies

  • 16:30 "Constraint management for engineering of DRE systems" (slides)
    Marie-Noelle Terrasse, Marinette Savonnet, Eric Leclercq, Pierre Naubourg, Valery Lopes, Arnaud Da Costa, and Thierry Grison
  • 16:50 "Integrating AADL within a multi-domain modeling framework" (slides)
    Ivano Malavolta, Henry Muccini, and Patrizio Pelliccione
  • 17:10 "Towards a Model-Driven Approach for Mapping Requirements on AADL
    Architecture" (slides)
    Mathieu Delehaye, Christophe Ponsard
  • 17:30 "An Emerging Need for a New Software Engineering Method" (slides)
    Isabelle Perseil, Laurent Pautet

17:50 Panel

Scheduling analysis from different levels of modeling
Oleg Sokolsky (University of Pennsylvania, USA) slides
Peter Feiler (Carnegie Mellon, USA) slides
Frederic Mallet (INRIA, France) slides

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