WCET 2009

June 30th, 2009       Dublin, Ireland (just before ECRTS'09) organised and funded by ARTIST 



The final proceedings of the workshop can be found on the Dagstuhl DROPS publication server. The final proceedings were published in printed form by the Austrian Computer Society (OCG) (http://www.ocg.at, Band 252, ISBN 978-3-85403-252-6). The papers in the final proceedings were extended and updated to take into account discussion at the workshop.


The complete set of slides presented at the workshop is available as one ZIP file. Slides for each presentation can be accessed separately below.

Program schedule

08:30-09:00 Registration

09:00-10:20 Session 1: Control-flow analysis and model checking
Chair: Christine Rochange
  • ALF — A Language for WCET Flow Analysis
    Jan Gustafsson, Andreas Ermedahl, Björn Lisper, Christer Sandberg, Linus Källberg (slides)
  • Raising the level: source-level worst-case timing estimation and architecture exploration
    Stefana Nenova, Daniel Kästner (slides)
  • Comparison of Implicit Path Enumeration and Model Checking based WCET Analysis
    Benedikt Huber, Martin Schoeberl (slides)
  • From Trusted Annotations to Verified Knowledge
    Adrian Prantl, Jens Knoop, Raimund Kirner, Albrecht Kadlec, Markus Schordan (slides)

10:20-11:10 Coffee Break

11:10-12:30 Session 2: Caches
Chair: Guillem Bernat
  • WCET analysis of multi-level set-associative data caches
    Benjamin Lesage, Damien Hardy, Isabelle Puaut (slides)
  • Making Dynamic Memory Allocation Static To Support WCET Analyses
    Joerg Herter, Jan Reineke (slides)
  • Cache-Related Preemption Delay Computation for Set-Associative Caches — pitfalls and solutions
    Claire Burguière, Jan Reineke, Sebastian Altmeyer (slides)
  • WCET-aware Software Based Cache Partitioning for Multi-Task Real-Time Systems
    Sascha Plazar, Paul Lokuciejewski, Peter Marwedel (slides)

12:30-14:00 Lunch

14:00-14:40 Invited Talk
Chair: Björn Lisper
  • Predictable Implementation of Real-Time Applications on Multiprocessor Systems on Chip
    Petru Eles (Linköping University) (slides)

14:40-15:20 Session 3 (first part): Tools and techniques
Chair: Björn Lisper
  • Is Chip-Multiprocessing the End of Real-Time Scheduling?
    Martin Schoeberl, Peter Puschner (slides)
  • Sound and Efficient WCET Analysis in the Presence of Timing Anomalies
    Jan Reineke, Rathijit Sen (slides)

15:20-16:00 Coffee Break

16:00-16:20 Session 3 continues (second part)
  • A Generic Framework for Blackbox Components in WCET Computation
    Clément Ballabriga, Hugues Cassé, Marianne De Michiel (slides)

16:20-17:00 Session 4: Measurement-based methods, soft real-time systems
Chair: Raimund Kirner
  • Statistical-Based WCET Estimation and Validation
    Jeffery Hansen, Scott Hissam, Gabriel Moreno (slides)
  • Extending the Path Analysis Technique to Obtain a Soft WCET
    Paul Keim, Amanda Noyes, Andrew Ferguson, Joshua Neal, Christopher Healy (slides)

17:00-17:30 Panel: Teaching WCET analysis in academia and industry
Chair: Niklas Holsti
  • Panelists: Guillem Bernat (slides), Peter Puschner (slides), Reinhard Wilhelm/Christian Ferdinand (slides).

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