November 16th, 2010      Shanghai, China organised and funded by ARTIST 

Programme and slides

Presentation of the UML&FM workshop

SESSION 1: Real-time Systems Specifications

  • Keynote speaker: Prof. Jean-Raymond Abrial
    Modeling, Refining, and Proving with Event-B: Methodology of Software Development / Case study: A Business Protocol Devlopment With Event-B
    Jean-Raymond Abrial is the co-inventor of Z, B and Event-B. He is the author of the "B-book" (CUP 1996), which presents the B-Method. He published recently a new book "Modeling in Event-B: System and Software Engineering" (CUP 2010). He was a guest Professor at ETH Zurich from 2004 to 2007 where he led the team developing the Rodin Platform for Event-B (funded by the European Project Rodin).
    After that, he was a researcher also at ETH Zurich, working on a new European Project called Deploy till May 2009. Before being in Zurich, he was a consultant for more than 20 years working in close contact with industrial companies but also with various universities around the world.

SESSION 2: Reliability Analysis, Tests, Verification

SESSION 3: Composition, Model Transformation, Methodologies, Process

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